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The Maryland Native Plant Society

The Maryland Native Plant Society

And Now for Some Serious Vegetation Ecology...

01/22/2011 5:07 PM | Anonymous

The good news is that this isn't a stream in Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax County or even northeastern Indiana (although we certainly have some contenders)! The bad news is that it's still in the greater D.C. watershed (let alone anywhere on planet Earth)!

Photo courtesy of Rod Simmons

Gradient ecotone between a Scoured Ash-Willow-Methamphetamine Riparian Corridor (with Aquifina-Poland Springs-Dasani Understory type); Exotic Vine Forest-Breached Sewerline-Mixed Urbanite Sheetflow Arroyo; and Ephemeral Polystyrene Point Bar and Hummocky Studebaker-Datsun-Chevrolet Alluvial Bottomland (sensu stricto Fleming et al.)

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