MNPS Meeting Archive



  • December: "MNPS Annual Holiday Social and Members Share Night"
  • November: "Preserving the Natural Heritage of Our Urban Trees", Shirley Street
  • August: "Diabase Communities of the Washington Metro Area", John Parrish and Rod Simmons
  • July: "Streambank Erosion in Suburban Stream Valley Parks", John De Noyer and Ann Czonka
  • June: "Identification and Control of Invasive Exotic Plants", Liz Nalle
  • May: "Terrace Gravel Forest Communities and the D.C. Civil War Fort Sites", Mary Pat Rowan and Lou Aronica
  • April: "Mosses, Liverworts, and Lichens", Leah Oliver
  • March: "A Celebration of Our Spring Woodland Wildflowers", Rod Simmons
  • February: "Winter Evergreen Plant ID", John Parrish
  • January: "The Diversity of Maryland's Carnivorous Plant Bogs and Atlantic White Cedar Communities", Phil Sheridan


  • December: "MNPS Annual Holiday Social and Members Share Night"
  • November: "Crabtree Creek Old-Growth Forest, Garrett County", Bob DeGroot
  • October: "Maryland Birds and Their Habitat Requirements", Fred Fallon
  • September: "Maryland Natural Heritage Rare Butterfly Survey Project", Dick Smith
  • August: "Conserving Older Trees in the Landscape", Eileen O'Brien
  • July: "MNPS Field Botany Surveys"
  • June: "Native Plants & Ecological Gardening", Lou Aronica and Mary Pat Rowan
  • May: "The Flora of the Greater Washington, D.C., Area", Stanwyn Shetler
  • April: "Wetland Ecology", Karyn Molines
  • March: "Ephemerals and Other Plants of Spring", Rod Simmons
  • February: "Commercial Production of Native Seed", Sara Tangren
  • January: "Habitats and Plants of the Potomac Gorge", Cris Fleming


  • September: "Magnolia Bogs: Their Importance and Vulnerability", Rod Simmons and Mark Strong
  • August: "Restoring Native Plant Communities", Keith Bowers
  • July: "The Green Menace: The Threat of Invasive Non-Native Plants to Rock Creek Park", Blaine Eckberg
  • June: "Identification and Control of Invasive Exotic Plants", Marc Imlay
  • May: "Rare Habitats and Rare Plants of Maryland", Cris Fleming
  • April: "Wild Uses of Plants", Karyn Molines
  • March: "Spring Wildflowers", Rod Simmons
  • February: "Forgotten Pollinators and the Importance of Backyard Conservation", Leslie Gilbert



  • October: "Exploring Wetlands in the Chesapeake Bay Region", Bill Sipple
  • September: "Grounds for Play, Grounds for Learning: Children's Gardens and Schoolyard Habitat", Elmina Hilsenrath
  • August: "Wetland Ecology", Jim Long
  • July: "MNPS Summer Party"
  • June: "The Basics of Native Plants", Louisa Thompson
  • May: "An Overview of the Beechtree Site in Upper Marlboro, MD", Mary Kilbourne
  • April: "Rediscovery of the Historic Hollywood Swamp in Greenbelt, MD", Kate Spencer
  • March: "Hot Spots for Spring Wildflowers", Cris Fleming
  • February: "Maryland's Forest Diversity", Rod Simmons
  • January: "Winter Fruits and Seeds", John Parrish


  • December: "Holiday Social"
  • November: "Butterfly-Plant Associations", Richard Smith
  • October: "Native Plants of Maryland's Barrens and Dry Habitats", Joe Metzger
  • September: "Designing Habitat for Birds", Fred Fallon
  • August: "Summer Wildflower and Weed Identification", Joe Metzger
  • July: "Native Plants for Wildlife Habitat", Rod Simmons

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