More Information About Most Things Native

About Maryland's Habitats, links to articles describing several of the rare or unusual habitats found in Maryland.

About Natives, links to native species plants lists.

About Invasives, links to sites with information about non-native invasive plants, including some with pictures.

Wavy-leaf Basket Grass phone app information and training sessions to report sightings.

Rod Simmons' article 'Hope & Reality for Urban Ecosystems,' in the Winter issue, has generated much discussion, so we're making it available to all.

For The Home

For Gardeners, links to information to help gardeners choose plants.

Native Plant Sources, listing of nurseries in our region which sell native plants.

For Citizen Scientists, links to research programs that individuals can participate in.

For Communities, links to information for schools, parks, cities and towns, homeowner associations, and other groups.

For Advocacy, links to fact sheets and other things interest for those advocating for the environment.

For Kids, links to fun things kids can do to learn more about plants.

For The Professional

For Landscapers, links to information about using native plants in the landscape.

For Botanists, links to taxonomic-related information.

For Nursery Growers, links to nursery regulations, propagation information, etc.

Plant Databases, links to plant databases.

Plant Identification Help, links to keys.

For Teachers, links to resources for teachers to use.

For More Information

Bibliography, an extensive list of printed resources.

Plant- and Nature-Related Organizations, links to local and national plant- and nature-related organizations. This is our quick look-up list.

Native Plant Societies, links to North American native plant societies.

Government Links, links to local and national government agencies or legislative bodies.

Map Links, links to a variety of topographical or distribution maps.

For Invasive Species Removal Project Coordinators, links to projects, how-to information, forms, etc.

Plant Survey Data and Species Lists, links to site surveys and plant check lists.

For Field Trip Leaders, UNDER DEVELOPMENT links to survey forms, sign-in sheets, etc.

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