The Maryland Native Plant Society

The Maryland Native Plant Society


Committees provide opportunities for our members to work on specific projects along with fellow members with similar interests.

The following are standing committees:

If you are interested in volunteering for one of the committees, please contact us at 

Chair: Roderick Simmons

The Botany Committee is responsible for research, surveys, identification, and reports of native (or exotic) plants and their habitats for purposes of conservation, education, and publication.

Conservation Advocacy

Chair: Vacant

The Conservation Committee is responsible for active participation in efforts to protect natural landscapes statewide whenever and wherever possible, by doing things such as surveying threatened sites, causing others to become aware of threats, preparing reports and/or testimony, writing letters, and/or appearing in court to defend threatened sites.

Currently, the Committee has representatives for Calvert, Cecil, Charles, Montgomery, and Prince George's counties and seeks to expand its activities into other areas. The Conservation Advocates are:

  • Calvert County: Karyn Molines
  • Charles County: Karyn Molines 
  • Montgomery County: 
  • Prince George's County: Vacant



Chair: President 

The Executive Committee consists of the officers of the Society. The Executive Committee may meet and make decisions relating to Society policies, initiatives, and actions, as long as they report their actions at the next general Board meeting.


Chair: Karyn Molines

The Conference Committee is responsible for planning and coordinating the Annual Conference.

Fall Conference Handbook, a guide for planning the Fall Conference written by Karyn Molines.


Chair: Treasurer 

The Finance Committee is responsible for all Society financial functions. The Committee maintains financial records, determines the annual budget, and produces regular reports to the Board, membership, and state and federal agencies.


Chair: Vacant

This Committee proposes changes in Society governance and By-Laws, as needed.


Chair: Karyn Molines

The Membership Committee is responsible for managing the Society’s membership. The Committee maintains a membership database, solicits membership renewals, collects and ensures the timely deposit of any membership dues received, provides current mailing lists to other Committees, and produces an annual Member Directory. The Committee also develops subscription strategies to retain current members and to recruit new members.



This Committee is responsible for recommending the slate of Directors and Officers for annual elections. The Committee also coordinates all aspects of the annual elections.


Chair: Vacant

This Committee is responsible for producing the Society's print and electronic publications. This Committee is also responsible for producing our Membership brochure and other informational materials.


Chair: Vacant

The Publicity Committee is responsible for promoting the Society outside of the general membership.



The Sales Committee is responsible for processing sales of books and other items the Society is selling.


Chair: vacant

The Volunteer Committee works to increase volunteer participation in MNPS-related activities. The Committee tracks the volunteers and identifies what tasks need volunteer help.

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