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Garlic Mustard Removal & Seep Area Excursion

  • 03/23/2010
  • Middle Patuxent Environmental Area (MPEA)

Sponsoring Organizations: Howard County Recreation and Parks and Howard County Master Gardeners

Volunteers help pull Garlic Mustard alongside our trails every year. Our goal will be the maintenance of previously cleared areas, plus we'll seek out and eliminate any new or remaining satellite mustard invasions. If time permits we'll visit the spring seep area to remove other invasives too. The seep area was historically rich with American woodcock activity and efforts continue there to restore proper Timberdoodle feeding cover. Restoration of this special area is hindered chiefly by the presence of Multiflora Rose. While in the seep, we'll observe and discuss the significant progress volunteers have made in replenishing this habitat.

Location: Meet at Trotter Road parking lot.

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