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Conservation Stewardship Project Middle Patuxent Environmental Area

  • 04/26/2011
  • 9:00 AM - 11:29 AM
  • MPEA, South Wind Circle entrance

Sponsoring Organizations: Howard County Recreation & Parks and Howard County Master Gardeners

Garlic Mustard Melee & Seeking Out Spring Ephemerals

Volunteers diligently remove Garlic mustard from alongside our trails every year. Our goal will be to maintain previously cleared areas, plus seek out and eliminate any new satellite invasions. Even though we see less mustard each year, still be prepared for a morning of vigorous Garlic mustard removal. Throughout the event we’ll make time to search for, identify, and discuss the many spring ephemeral plants. Attendees can observe a variety of the early-spring bloomers while traversing the wooded work route. Usually we finish removing mustard at the location of the confluence of Cricket Creek and the Middle Patuxent, where, hopefully, we will be surrounded by large flowering patches of Virginia bluebells.

The Conservation Stewardship Project, a joint program of the Howard County Recreation & Parks and the Howard County Master Gardeners, targets the problem of controlling invasive, exotic species in the Middle Patuxent Environmental Area. Volunteer work dates occur monthly from March through November, skipping July & August. Each date includes an educational component concerning the target invasive species or target work area for the day.

The Middle Patuxent Environmental Area (MPEA), established in 1996, encompasses 1,021 acres and contains a diversity of habitat types. There are upland and bottomland hardwood forest, fields, wetlands, ponds, and riparian habitats. The primary components of the MPEA's mission are natural resources management, education, research, and recreation.

For more information, contact Master Gardeners: Aylene Gard at (410) 992-9889; Carol Filipczak at; or Jeff Claffy, Assistant Natural Resources Manager, MPEA at (410) 313-6209 or

Driving Directions to Southwind Circle entrance to the MPEA: Route 29 to Route 108W towards Clarksville OR Route 32 to Route 108E. Turn onto Trotter Road to South Wind Circle (about 1 mile). Enter the circle and proceed to trailhead on left (opposite Misty Top Path).

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