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MNPS Field Trip: Cheverly Nature Hike: Demonstration of Forest and Grassy Glade Restoration (Saturday)

  • 10/20/2018
  • 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Cheverly, Prince George's County, MD

Sponsoring Organization: Maryland Native Plant Society

Description: We will observe the diversity of trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants recovering due to restoration work by the Cheverly Green Infrastructure Science Committee. Removal of invasive plants has allowed many native species to return; extirpated species have been reintroduced through plant rescues of close ecotypes from nearby areas. Specific forest restoration strategies will be covered, with interpretations of what has worked and why. As native plants at the base of the food chain returned and grew more diverse, many of the faunal species associated with them also returned one by one. Although the process is ongoing, we already have a more complex, resilient and productive ecosystem that provides more and better ecoservices.

Randy Pheobus will highlight the restoration of an open grassy glade within the larger wooded area,  as a case study of selected strategies and their impact. He will focus on selective tree thinning, invasives control, plant restoration, site monitoring and results, including increased presence and use of the area by pollinators, avifauna and mammals.

The park is now richer in bird life and other fauna; over a hundred bird species have been documented there, including some locally rare forest interior dwelling species (FIDS). As the native vegetation diversified, the area saw an increase in migrant birds and more specialized species, such as ovenbirds, brown thrashers, woodcocks, wood and water thrushes, red-bellied nuthatches, winter wrens, pileated woodpeckers, sapsuckers and more. Along with the increased small bird abundance we have more raptors as well, including buteos, accipiters and falcons; among the latter we count the Merlin, which is an Arctic breeding bird, that winters here.

Leaders: Matt Salo and Randy Pheobus 




Notes:  The hike will be of easy to moderate difficulty: mostly a relaxed walk on flat terrain on existing natural, but only moderately improved, paths.

Bring:   Cameras, binoculars and guidebooks are optional. Wear long pants and sleeves and use insect repellent with Deet for ticks and mosquitoes. If you wish, bring a light snack and drinks.

Cancellation Policy:  Hike will be cancelled for heavy rain, lightning or strong winds.

Contact: (for additional information; not to register)
Matt Salo: 301­-341­-1261,

Directions:  From north take #202 (Landover Rd) one block east of B-W Pkwy to Cheverly Ave, go south five blocks to Forest Rd, turn right (east); when the road splits, stay right and continue straight to 5607 Greenleaf Rd. Park anywhere on street, but do not block anyone’s driveway. From south, heading east on Rte. #50 take Cheverly exit past Metro, turn left (north) on Cheverly Ave and go 4 blocks to Forest Rd, turn left (west) and follow above directions for Forest Rd.  

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