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MNPS Program: Human Impacts On Native Plants & Insects: Restoring Biodiversity

  • 06/29/2021
  • 7:30 PM
  • Zoom Webinar


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We can accommodate 500 viewers on Zoom. First come first served. A recording will be available about 3 weeks after the program.

Speaker: Dr. Sara Via, Professor and Climate Extension Specialist, University of Maryland College Park

Climate change is our new reality, and its impacts on native plants are compounding the problems already caused by loss of habitat to development, competition from invasive weeds, and damage from introduced pests and pathogens. We are witnessing a global decline in biodiversity, not just in native plants but also in beneficial insects, other natural enemies of insect pests and even microbial life in the soil. How can we use our own yards, municipal spaces and agriculture to not only slow climate change but to rebuild the diversity and abundance of native plants, beneficial insects and life in the soil? With a little knowledge and enthusiasm, ordinary people can make a bigger difference than you might think!

Our speaker, Dr. Sara Via, Professor & Climate Extension Specialist, University of Maryland College Park, is a biologist and frequent speaker on climate change and its impacts on ecosystems, biodiversity, suburban landscapes, health, and agriculture. Recently, Sara has been working to develop climate-friendly landscaping strategies that will boost the use of native plants, increase biodiversity and improve stormwater management while reducing carbon emissions and sequestering carbon. Sara works with the Maryland Master Gardeners and Master Naturalists programs to help them spread the word about climate change in their outreach programs. Her comprehensive report, “Increasing Soil Health and Sequestering Carbon In Agricultural Soils: A Natural Climate Solution”, will be published in 2021.

The program will be presented online through Zoom, in webinar format. You will not be able to share your own audio or video with other participants, but you will be able to submit questions in writing during the program.

Registration is required. After you register, you will receive a registration confirmation email with a link to the Zoom program. 

The program is free and open to the public.

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