The Maryland Native Plant Society

The Maryland Native Plant Society

Privacy Policy

MNPS does not lend, share, sell or distribute our membership information to any group or organization. If another entity wishes to distribute information to our group, the Board will determine if it is relevant, and then MNPS will distribute the information.

Email Policy

The Maryland Native Plant Society wishes to minimize costs associated with informing members about society events. E-mail is an extremely economical method for notifying many people. Yet unnecessary e-mails, uninformative e-mails, and too many message will dilute the effectiveness. Therefore, we aim to send messages only to members who wish to receive them, only once a month (with exceptions for event notices), and include only relevant MNPS information.

We include any member who provides their e-mail address, and will remove any member from the list when requested. Currently, more than 95% of our members have provided e-mail addresses; therefore e-mail reaches a large majority of our membership. E-mails support the dissemination of our programs since members often forward our events to their friends and colleagues, reaching a much larger number of people.

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