The Maryland Native Plant Society

The Maryland Native Plant Society

Watch for These Native Plants

05/04/2018 1:46 PM | Anonymous member

We can help DNR track "watchlist" species - ranked S3. Here are some that bloom in the spring and are easy to ID: Cypripedium parviflorum (Yellow Lady's-slipper), Delphinium tricorne (Dwarf Larkspur), Hybanthus concolor (Green Violet), Kalmia angustifolia (Sheep Laurel), Myosotis verna (Spring Forget-me-not), Primula media (Eastern Shooting star).

If you see any of these - or any other S3 plant - please note the exact location and try to take a photo. Then either contribute the record to the Maryland Biodiversity Project,, or send an email to We'll take it from there. Locations of species likely to be poached will not be shared publicly.

Click here to find a list of Maryland's Rare, Threatened and Endangered Plants. 

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