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Volume 15 Issue 1 Spring 2024


Volume 14 Issue 2 Fall 2023

Volume 14 Issue 1 Spring 2023

  • Errata: Page 7, paragraph 2, sentence 2, should read: "Among the 305 species are 224 native (including 61 rare), 70 non-native, 8 non-native invasive or noxious, and 3 with uncertain nativity."
  • President's Lens. A message from our new president Lauren Hubbard.
  • Climate Resilient Gardening. Learn about strategies to nurture a garden that will support biodiversity and thrive long into the future. By Pru Foster
  • An Aster a Day, Almost With over 300 species in our state, we have our work cut out for us. Grab your favorite field guide or phone app and get started! By Jil Swearingen
  • Unusual Asteraceae in Maryland. Two greatly disjunct Golden-aster species (Pityopsisspp.) are found sparingly on the inner Coastal Plain of Maryland’s Western Shore. By Rod Simmons
  • Rare Native Rediscovered. Hairy Lettuce (Lactuca hirsuta var.sanguinea), previously considered extirpated in Maryland, was recently rediscovered in Garrett County, Maryland. Full story in Fall 2023 issue of Marilandica. By Rod Simmons
  • Clickable Native Plant Nurseries Map. MNPS is pleased to provide a new tool for finding nurseries that sell native plants in the form of a clickable Google map. 
  • Nation’s Capital Wild Ones Chapter fosters native plant gardening.


Volume 13 Issue 1

  • From the President’s Lens 
  • Skunks Anyone? 
  • Berry-stained Artwork 
  • Selling and Preserving a Nature Property 
  • Stepping Back into Field Trips, Cautiously 
  • MNPS Field Trip Policy 
  • MNPS Field Trip Plant Lists 
  • Chapman Forest: An Unusual Floristic Convergence


Volume 12 Number 2

  • From the President’s Lens 
  • Plant Family of the Year The Mints
  • 2021 Annual Conference Recap
  • MNPS Grant: Not So Dirty After All.
  • Vascular Plants of Maryland, USA: A Comprehensive Account of the State's Botanical Diversity, Wesley Knapp and Robert F. C. Naczi DOWNLOAD PDF

  • Pokeweed: Much Maligned but Marvelous
  • Exploring Medicinal Natives: Elderberry 
  • Native Pants used by Indigenous People of the Chesapeake Bay Area DOWNLOAD PDF
  • The Botanists Before Us: Agnes Chase 
  • The Meek That Inherit the Earth by Agnes Chase 
  • Fashion Meets Gardening: Seersucker Sedge
  • SERC: Hog Island and Phragmites Research. Jeff Holland is the author of this article; his name was accidentally omitted from his article. 
  • Homegrown National Park 
  • Human Sprouts & Seedlings
  • Plant Match: Mint Condition 

Volume 12 Number 1

  • Remembering Cris Fleming
  • More on Invasive Grasses in Maryland
  • Salt Marsh Responses to Climate Change
  • Ants Spread Seeds of Springs Ephemerals
  • Plants with Ant-Dispersed Seeds
  • Mountain Maryland Notes
  • Destruction of Small Streams and Wetlands
  • Strawberry Fields Forever
  • Plant Match / Spring Wildflowers


Volume 11 Number 2

  • Editor's Letter
  • Invasive Grasses in Focus
  • Survey of Known Plant Extinctions
  • Grant Report: Invasive Impacts of Miscanthus sinensis
  • Landscaping with Native Plants
  • Mountain Maryland Notes
  • Book Review
  • Poison Fruit: Plant ID Quiz

Volume 11 Number 1

  • Year of the Grasses
    • Wildflower in Focus: Deer Tongue
    • Take a Gander at Grasses
    • Common MD Grasses
    • Phragmites
  • Adkins Arboretum, Report on Grant project
  • Wild Ones Chesapeake
  • New Director Emeritus
  • Conference: From Marshes to Meadows, Exploring Maryland's Grasslands
  • Partnership


Volume 10, Number 2. Mailed November 2019. 

  • President's Letter
  • Spotted Lanternfly

  • Keystone Plants

  • Beebee Tree

  • Sligo Creek

  • Wildflower in Focus: Entire-leaf Yellow False Foxglove, Aureolata laevigata

  • Conference Highlights

Volume 10, Number 1
  • President's Letter
  • MNPS Needs You-Volunteer Opportunities
  • Wildflower in Focus-Squawroot
  • MNPS Conference
  • Parasitic Plants
  • Research Grants Awarded
  • Help DNR Track Watch List Plants
  • Mountain MD Notes


Volume 9, Number 2
  • President's Letter
  • Welcome New Board Members
  • Wildflower in Focus (Asclepias syriata)
  • Concerned About Pollinators?
  • Microbes and Tree Diversity
  • Maryland Mountain Report
  • Gunpowder Conservancy
  • Plant ID Quiz
  • Volume 9, Number 1 (3.6 MB)
    • President’s Letter
    • Research Grants Awarded
    • Wildflower in Focus: Asclepias lanceolata Smooth Orange Milkweed
    • O' Where are the Pines of Piney Branch
    • MNPS Conference
    • Maryland Mountain Chapter
    • Prince George's-Anne Arundel Chapter Update
    • Plant Quiz
    • Upcoming Events
    • Help DNR Track Watchlist Plants



  • Volume 7, Number 2 (1.5 MB pdf)
    • Letter from Co-presidents & Editor
    • Native Gardening Guide
    • Conifer in Focus (pdf)
    • MNPS Conference: Maryland's Forgotten Bogs and Pine Barrens
    • Maryland Biodiversity Project
    • State Wildlife Action Plan
    • Invasives
    • The Elms
    • Native Plant Regulations


  • Volume 6, Number 2 (1.3 MB pdf)
    • Letter from the President
    • Research Grants-Deadline August 17
    • Wildflower in Focus: Virginia Creeper
    • MNPS Conference Announcement
    • Letters from our Readers
    • Plant Quiz
    • The Role of Genotypes
    • Book Announcement: American Botanical Paintings: Native Plants of the Mid Atlantic, Bonnie S. Driggers, ed.
    • Do Vines Kill Trees?
    • Deer Population Management
  • Volume 6 Number 1 (997 KB pdf)
    • Letter from the President
    • Grants Awarded
    • Wildflower in Focus – Vines
    • Lichens Our Neglected and Imperiled Natives by Dr. James Lendemer
    • 'Hope & Reality for Urban Ecosystems,' by Rod Simmons
    • Book Review: The Living Landscape by Richard Darke and Doug Tallamy
    • Ann Lundy In Memorium
    • Book Announcement: A Year in Rock Creek Park: The Wild, Wooded Heart of Washington, DC by Melanie Choukas-Bradley
    • Plant ID Quiz


  • Volume 5 Number 2 (1.0 MB pdf)
    • Year of the Rose / Wildflower in Focus: Black Cherry, Prunus serotina
    • Member profile: Cris Fleming
    • Plant ID Quiz
    • Green Roofs
    • Fall Conference
  • Volume 5 Number 1 
    • Year of the Rose / Wildflower in Focus: Spirea
    • Maryland Botanical Heritage Workgroup
    • Plant ID Quiz
    • Watershed Update: Ten Mile Creek Watershed
    • Plant Rescues: Pros and Cons
    • Conservation Watch: Serpentine Restoration at Robert E. Lee Park


  • Volume 4 Number 3. (2.59 MB)
    • Grant Awarded for Urban Biodiversity Project
    • Year of the Heath / Wildflower in Focus: Wintergreen
    • Hybrids, Cultivars & Ecovars
    • Plant ID Quiz
    • Photos from the Fall Conference
    • Field Trips are Our Core
    • MNPS On-line
    • Conservation Watch: Ten Mile Creek
    • Wildlands Possible
    • 2014 Board Nominees Bios
  • Volume 4 Number 2.  (1.28 MB)
    • Year of the Heath / Wildflower in Focus: Indian Pipe
    • Wavy-Leaf Basket Grass
    • Conservation Watch: Mattawoman Creek
    • Phenology and Floral Visitors of Lithospermum virginianum L. Barrows, et al.
    • Research Grants Available
    • Win Conference Tickets
    • Monthly Programs & Field Trips
  • Volume 4 Number 1. 
    • Year of the Heath / Wildflower In Focus: Mountain Laurel
    • Letter from the President
    • Research Grant Program
    • List of Maryland Heaths
    • Artist Portrait: Tina Thieme Brown
    • Conservation Watch: Robert E. Lee Park
    • Field Trips
    • Monthly Programs
    • Book Announcement:Flora of Virginia
    • Plant ID Quiz



  • Volume 2 Issue 2 pdf, 1.2 MB)
    • Celebrating the “Year of the Fern” Fern in Focus: New York Fern (pdf)
    • Also articles on:
    • Book Review: Wild Urban Plants of the Northeast: A Field Guide by Peter Del Tredici
    • New Book Among the Ancients by Joan Maloof
    • Conservation Watch
    • “From the Field” photo essays: Mattawoman Bottomlands and Pocono Platea
    • Fall Field Botany Quiz
    • Board of Directors Nominees


  • Volume 2 Issue 1: (PDF, ~2.1 MB)
    • Celebrating the “Year of the Fern”
    • Also articles on:
      • Common Blue Violet (Viola sororia Willd.)
      • Conservation Watch
      • “From the Field” essay


From 2002 - 2008, Marilandica was the occasional numbered scholarly publications of the Maryland Native Plant Society. Beginning in 2009, Marilandica replaced the bi-monthly Native News and is currently published two times a year.


  • Marilandica, Spring 2008 (PDF, ~2,012 KB)
    • Conservation Priorities and Selected Natural Communities of the Upper Anacostia Watershed. Roderick H. Simmons, John M. Parrish, Meghan D. Tice, Mark T. Strong
    • MNPS Field Botany Update, Rod Simmons
    • A Book Review, Walt Sonneville


  • Marilandica, Winter/Spring 2003 (PDF, ~735 KB)
    • Native Plants of Maryland's Eastern Shore. Janet Earickson.
    • MNPS Field Botany Updates. Roderick Simmons, John Parrish, Cris Fleming.
    • Fall Line Magnolia Bogs of the Mid-Atlantic Region. Roderick Simmons and Mark Strong.
    • A Really Sad Farewell!!! Unless.... Bob Grafton.
    • Role of Native Plant Societies in Grassroots Conservation.. Stanwyn G. Shetler.
    • MNPS Magnolia Bog Survey
    • Addendum to "Native Woody Plants of Montgomery County". John Parrish.


  • Marilandica, Summer/Fall 2002 (PDF, ~4087 KB)
    • Native Woody Plants of Montgomery County. John Mills Parrish. List of plants by family, botanical name, state rank/status, occurrence, and where found.
    • MNPS Field Botany Updates. Rod Simmons, Cris Fleming, John Parrish, Jake Hughes. Summary of field surveys of flora at various sites in Maryland.
    • In Search of Another Orchid Species. Joseph F. Metzger, Jr. Discoveries on a plant walk.
    • Just Boil the Seeds. James MacDonald. Improving seed germination by first boiling seeds.
  • Marilandica, Winter/Spring 2002 (PDF, ~3209 KB)
    • Winter Botanizing in Maryland. Meghan D. Tice. Plants that persist through the winter.
    • Restoration of Forests: A Recommended Land Use for Disturbed Areas. W. R. Carter, III.
    • MNPS Field Botany Updates. Rod Simmons, John Parrish, and Cris Fleming.
    • No Place for Nature. Bob DeGroot.
    • On Nature and Human Nature: One Naturalist's Thoughts on Development. Christine Maccabee.

In 2002, the MNPS decided to split the Marilandica into two: Marilandica, containing articles and survey information, and Native News, containing updates on activity around the state and upcoming event information.


  • Marilandica, Summer/Fall 2001 (PDF, ~1217 KB)
    • A Trip to the Wetlands. Janet L. Earickson.
    • Araby Bog: A Globally-Rare Magnolia Bog in Charles County, Maryland. Roderick H. Simmons and Mark T. Strong. Description of the bog and plant survey.
    • MNPS Field Botany Updates.


  • Marilandica, Fall 2000 / Winter 2001 (PDF, ~894 KB)
    • The Accokeek Creek Shell-Marl Ravine Forest. Brent Steury.
    • MNPS Field Botany Updates. Rod Simmons.
    • Easy Ferns for the Garden (All Native to Maryland). Joseph F. Metzger, Jr.
    • Earthlings versus Aliens.
    • Invasive Exotic Plant Update.
    • Bull Briar Gelatin. Sam Jones


  • Marilandica, Summer/Fall 1999 (PDF, ~688 KB)
    • Growing, Growing, Gone. Daniel A. Herms.
    • MNPS Field Botany Updates. Roderick Simmons.
    • My Experience with Invasive Exotic Plants. Marc Imlay.
    • American Lotus Observed in Mattawoman Creek. James Long.
    • Return of a Rare Species. Chris Lea.
    • Flora and Atlas Committee Search. Joseph F. Metzger, Jr.
    • The Orion Grassroots Network, Fire & Grit Conference, and Local Volunteer Opportunities. Nancy Adamson.

In Summer 1999, the newsletter was changed from Native News to Marilandica.


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